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  Our ammunition runs the entire spectrum of centerfire rifle cartridges, from the .17 Rem., .22-250 Rem. and other varmint cartridges, to the classic Big Game rounds like .270 Win., .308 Win and .30-06 Spfd., through the Big Bore Safari calibers such as .375 H&H Mag., .416 Rigby and .458 Win. Mag, and even into the realm of ‘stopping rifles’ like .500 Jefferys and .505 Gibbs.

  Many combinations of bullet and cartridge can be created that are unavailable to the shooter who uses factory ammunition, as well as reviving obsolete chamberings, and we can provide reduced velocity loads for the new shooter, or the shooter who is recoil sensitive.


We can advise you as to which bullet may best suit YOUR hunting/shooting needs, or make the ammunition you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t get. Be it boat-tail, round nose, bonded core, hollow point match or solid, the possibilities are endless. We provide bullets from companies such as Swift, Berger, Nosler, Hornady, Sierra, Woodleigh, Barnes, and many, many more.

Please give us a call to discuss your dreams!

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